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As a ministry to the nations, Breath of Life Missions desires to equip and empower churches, ministries, and leaders to fulfill their calling by offering ordination credentials and apostolic covering. 

Through an ongoing relationship, we seek to network together, standing as a resource to assist in bringing transformation through the power of the Gospel to communities and nations across the globe!

To our network of churches, ministries, and ordained ministers we provide recurring online classes and mentoring to help strengthen you as you serve.

We look forward to being able to speak with you and learn about how you believe God has called you and how it is that Breath of Life Missions may serve you.

Prophet Jim Jorgensen is personally covered by Christ Covenant Coalition (CCC) which is
led by lead Apostle Joseph Mattera.

Please contact us using the form below with your inquiry to become part of the Breath of Life Missions Network and we will be sure to reply to you promptly.

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