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*Available in English and in Spanish*


Have you ever been so discouraged you felt stuck and, felt that your God-given purpose and destiny would never be fulfilled? Discouragement affects many Christians and is felt in relationships, finances and many other areas of our lives. We may have faith, fast, pray, and even have anointed ministers pray over us; and even though we love God with all our hearts and after doing all these things, sometimes we still find ourselves feeling defeated.


If you’re experiencing discouragement and feel as though you’ll never reach your breakthrough, I encourage you to consider a Courts of Heaven session. Courts of Heaven provides a sacred space coupled with a deep level of intercession and walking in the Spirit that directs prayers to the courtroom of Heaven.


For additional information, I encourage you to read Apostle Robert Henderson’s book, “Operating in the Courts of Heaven.” Henderson’s book encourages you to shift your focus from life’s battlefield to the courtroom of the Righteous Judge. Through the Courts of Heaven, eyes are opened to Kingdom authority and the Biblical strategies that can be implemented to achieve breakthrough.


Through the guidance of Apostle Henderson, Prophet Jim is a Global Reformers Hub Leader for the Caribbean and works with a team of seasoned prophets and seers that are trained in ministering in the Courts of Heaven. We are able to offer the Courts of Heaven ministry online through the supervision of Pastor Charles and Marybeth Engelhardt, Northeast Global Reformers Hub Leaders.

We seek to train and raise up Freedom teams to bring Courts of Heaven into many regions and nations around the world. We have seen the Lord do incredible things, bringing breakthrough in the lives of those who are seeking to walk unhindered in their Kingdom purpose.

Upon booking, we will email you an information packet to help prepare you for your Courts of Heaven session. Sessions can be conducted in person or online via video conference. A small group of Seers, Prophets, and Intercessors participate in each appointment. Bilingual sessions are also available.


We ask you to prayerfully consider a minimum financial donation of $100 before each session. Your giving allows for the vision and mission of this ministry to continue. The donation is an offering given to the panel of Christian intercessors at each session. These brothers and sisters give of their time, spiritual gifts, and hearts to come alongside each person in prayer and spiritual support during this journey.

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